"all art created with the intention to help and to heal; to inspire and to transform, is medicine to the mind, body, and spirit"   - Lori Sweet

​My patrons often describe my artwork as "icons."  They say they feel invited into the painting or drawn into a story. They share their own stories in relationship to the art and what the art invokes within them. All the stories are personal and heart-felt yet often have elements that are universal to the human experience - like joy, grief, hope, healing, and love.   ​

​Patrons of my artwork often show me "where" they place the art in their homes or offices - the space it occupies is part of the story. (See the Patron's gallery) There is a sense of the images looking over them, protecting them, or guiding them in some way.  This relational quality and invitational element around the images creates meaning and value and makes visible what often is hard to express otherwise.  

Welcome!   Thank you for visiting.  

I am so blessed to hear the stories of so many people that are prompted through the sharing of art.  Stories of heartbreak and triumph; struggle and joy; transformation and healing.  


I am going to guess that you have a story.  I bet you are a seeker, a soul-searcher, and a lover of learning.   Finding meaning, balance, and well-being in life is important to you. Beauty and compassionate acts bring you to tears.  You want to contribute to the world and serve in meaningful ways.  Your personal growth is connected to your spiritual growth and creativity.  Everyone has a story and that story may even have brought you to this page.


Intuitive, intentional, and visionary art invites us into stories that illuminate the symbolic and relational nature of our lives.  Art can be a point of passage or a gateway into a process that is reflective of the larger dance of creation.  It is where our big story, collectively, is being told.  Art can speak to unknown yet powerful places within us. 


Truly we all are connected and art is a universal language.  Through art we can let ourselves be guided by  the mystical, the magical, and the mythical  and that is a place of possibilities! 

Through art we can explore inner and outer landscapes; open to healing and self-discovery, and find guidance and inspiration.  Art is a bridge between the worlds of spirit and matter. 


I deeply believe that art, as well as nature,
gives us access to a compassionate and
healing force to which we belong.


Let me tell you a little about my own story. 


As a child, art was a pathway to my inner world and a lens for navigating and processing my outer world.  Creating with visual images, symbols, rituals, and words, as a child, helped me to cope with the challenges and emotional chaos in my life. It was a means for emotional healing and growth.

As an adult, art continues to serve as a process of contemplation and meditation.  Art created with intention also is a form of embodied prayer. Art is medicine to the mind, body, and spirit (and expressed as such in cultures throughout time and all around the world!) 


As a professional social worker and teaching artist, I have shared art to help others to heal and to discover their own inner strength and wisdom. Watching people connect to creative and sacred places in their own hearts and finding their value and solutions within is awe-inspiring. 

As a professional artist, I design art to invoke and evoke the sacred and to bring attention to the divine (wisdom) within us and all around us.  I want to remind everyone that the power of love lives in our own hearts and that all of creation (including you) is sacred and precious.  

Accessing this inner well-spring empowers us

 and reminds us just how strong and powerful

 we are when we pay attention to the

deeper truths  within and around us. 

While art usually produces a tangible product, I often am more interested in the intangible aspects of art-making: the energetic process that teaches, heals, restores, and transforms.  I see art as "visual" energy medicine".  I often wonder, "How does art inform, transform, and change us as it is informed, transformed, and changed by us?"

In my world, art-making is about
story-telling, ritual, 
and meaning-making. 

It is about healing self, others, and the earth. 
It is shamanic, transforming, intuitive, and dynamic. 

Like Icons of old, the art invites us into another aspect of time and space.


Healing means embracing the humanity that we express. It means witnessing our limitations and challenges with compassion.  It means becoming as comfortable in the dark as in the light. It means growing and evolving into our purpose in every day life and remembering the gifts we have to share.

In order to heal and grow, I believe we need safe and sacred places that enable us to be transformed.  I want you (and everyone) to have a safe haven, a sacred space, a refuge, or sanctuary where your dreams and tender places can rest, recover, and rejoice. 


Choosing to create spaces in your life (within and without) that invoke inspiration, healing, and love puts you in touch with the unified heart of the world and that can make all the difference in your world.   


May my artwork help you on your own journey of growth and transformation. May it help to empower your own story and help to create the sacred places in your heart and home that will foster love, peace, and healing in your life.                                                                                         

 In peace ~ Lori Sweet 

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