The Power of Sanctuary 

It is my intention, through image-making,

to invoke and evoke the sacred
within us and all around us.

Since I was a child, I have used art and writing

to help me to make sense of

my inner and outer experiences. 

It was how I interacted with and processed

the world around me. 

 In many ways I created art to survive.  
Today is is part of my spiritual practice. 

As a child I had a vision for the world where all

people feel safe and know how precious they are: 
~A world where love abounds 

and the divine mysteries are part of our daily rounds.

~A world where we do not violate each other
and where nature is honored in sacred partnership.  


 With all the challenges we face as human beings,

I realize this might seem Pollyanna

 but isn't that what visions are for? 


When we are able to live into our full and true nature

(even in random moments)

we can be a powerful and strong

force of goodness and love In the world. 

I hope that my artwork reminds us of that.


The Art of Spirit and Matter
is about using art (in its many forms)
as a bridge or portal between the worlds. 
It is about balancing or bringing into union
the seen and unseen elements,
the masculine and feminine,
the heavens and earth,
the yin and yang. 


 I  use symbols, images of the sacred feminine,

animals, and elements of nature in my work

to highlight particular aspects or qualities of experience.

I often combine elements from different religions,

cultures, and times in history

showing the common connections we share
and once again finding union rather than division. 

And I love to work in different mediums and explore 
the creative space wherever it leads me -

even in unconventional ways.  

Through art we can explore the inner
and outer landscapes of our lives, 

open to deeper understanding and self-discovery,

and find guidance in, perhaps, unexpected places.

Art is a portal into a sacred process - a spiritual practice

that transports us to greater and universal truths.


I enter into art as a visual prayer, a meditation; 

a form of contemplation

in both the creating of it and the viewing of it. 

Creating and viewing art 

is an embodied experience that helps us to 

make meaning and to enter in the 
spaciousness of our hearts and souls.  

Like Icons of old, the art invites us

into another aspect of time and space.


I enjoy creating images that invite the viewer

into its world; into a story beyond language
where the relational nature of our lives is illuminated

While art usually produces a tangible product,

I often am more interested in the intangible

aspects of art-making: the energetic process

that teaches,  restores, and transforms. 

I see art as "visual energy medicine."  

Intuitive and Visionary art offer us a
universal language
that is part of our
"felt-sense" of being.

It accesses the worlds of the primordial, the mythological,

the archetypal,  the dream-scape, and the subconscious.


It makes visible (brings to light) what normally
cannot be seen (the power of the darkness) 
once again revealing the opposite sides of the same coin. 
We can overcome fear and befriend wisdom. 


Through art we can be guided by 

the mystical, the magical, and the mythical.

It unites us in the moment, here and now,

as we navigate our lives, but it reminds us
that we are part of a bigger story.

Art is where both the personal stories are told

and the collective story is shared.  

Perhaps your story has led you here today. 

I am honored to walk for a while along the path

with you where our stories meet.   

Lets chat, have some tea,

and see what the next step will be!  

Enjoy the journey! 

thank you
~ Lori Sweet 


"All art created with the intention to help and to heal, to inspire and to transform, is medicine to the mind, body, and spirit"      - Lori Sweet

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