A Little About my Painting Process... 


Images are either original acrylic paintings or reproductions of original works of art. The original works are painted on canvas, canvas boards, or occasionally on other material such as wood or stone, using (mostly) Golden Flow Acrylics.

Originals are finished with an archival varnish and either framed or left unframed as appropriate. Each original is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity and artist notes if available. 

The reproductions are called Giclee prints (pronounced zhee-clay).  Giclee is a French word meaning "to spray." This term is used to refer to a print that has been made through an inkjet process.  ​I have my originals digitally reproduced using high resolution photography by a professional printer and then formatted for printing on high quality printers with archival inks.   All archival paper and canvas prints are signed with artist's signature.   A certificate of authenticity is issued and artist notes if available. 

Calming my own mind and body, I usually begin with a written intention that I write directly on the canvas.  Each one is specific to the painting being birthed.  

I then add color onto the canvas without making any images.  When the canvas is prepared I often work from a sketch I have previously drawn but, from this point on, I generally do not know what the final piece will look like until it is done.  

I continue to add vibrant colors using flow acrylics to create layers of depth as versions of the painting emerge and recede.  Even though you are unable to see all the layers within the finished painting they are there.   The energetic imprint remains.


The layers contain information and I often feel as if I am "getting to know someone."  I often make notes or write down things that intuitively come to me as I work. Often poetry comes.


Every thing in the painting has significance to the overall theme of the piece.  Symbolic images and colors emerge to further advance the story being revealed. 

Recently, I was working on a piece I thought was about using our hands to heal (energy medicine) until the painting guided me to include fireflies.  Fireflies were NOT in my original sketch or even a thought - until I was "informed" about this addition. 

As that shift took place, I realized the painting REALLY was about generating our own inner light to see more clearly through the darkness of our own obstacles that keep us from joy.   The painting is called Illumination and you can view it on the gallery page for my paintings

Still, viewers of the art may see other meanings embedded in the images and, in my opinion, they all are valid and important nuances of the work and are honored as such.  The paintings, like people, share themselves in different ways with different viewers.  We find what we are looking for or what we need in a given moment.  I love hearing the stories viewers tell as they look at the images.  Priceless. 


The paintings remind me that life and art are dynamic and ever changing processes.  I am not sure we can ever "capture" images on canvas.  We only create a portal or a shrine where we can glimpse the deeper often unacknowledged flowing patterns and currents of our lives -- if we make ourselves available to them.  They are always there for us when we come seeking.  They live in the Silence and they mentor us through the heart. 

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