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BEFORE ordering
PLEASE READ this information about orders and shipping information.

I prefer to personally handle all sales and packaging to ensure the quality of items and your satisfaction.  Part of my joy of creating comes from personal contact with my patrons.  However, that means I have additional costs to consider when it comes to ordering. 

This shopping cart only allows you to purchase the art itself.  


As a solo-artist I do need to charge for packaging/shipping/

handling/and insurance of artwork, but I do my best to find the most economical option for each order.  (Also, shipping may be reduced for multiple items.)

Due to the variety of shipping configurations, it is hard to calculate a standard shipping fee for everything and rather than elevate my fees across the board, I prefer to do the following:


AFTER you place an order I will confirm your order via email and calculate taxes and shipping fees that must be paid before your item is shipped.  I will send a statement with this information and a link for final payment. 

If you prefer to have full quote of taxes and shipping/

handling prior to ordering an item, feel free to contact me with your mailing address at or 717-756-0120 and I can get a full cost quote sent to you.  

I will let you know when your item is shipped. 

Some items are in stock and others can be ordered.  If there is something you want 

please contact me if you have any questions about the art, an order, or shipping. 


I want to make sure each patron is satisfied with their purchase.  

~ Lori Sweet 

Art for Drummers & Earth Lovers

Hi, frame drummers and other wonderful people interested in healing ourselves and our planet with peace, art, and sound/rhythm!  


I created this special page after Alexandra Jai and her lovely husband Michael, creators and teachers of Rhythm Bliss, invited me to share some of my artwork through their platform.  They teach mindful hand-drumming along with world rhythms, yoga, and healing meditations.  


After doing a 40 day Drum Challenge with Alexandra and her family, I signed up for their annual membership. The content on their platform is just amazing - along with weekly live classes.  The teaching is healing, grounded, fun, and inclusive. 


It is an honor to join in the collaboration with Alexandra and Michael to share healing medicine through art, music, yoga, and body/earth awareness. 

You can check them out at or on FACEBOOK

My art is about creating sacred places both in our homes and workspaces and within the sanctuary of our own hearts and the body temple.  Once I began learning more about the frame drum I realized some of my art already contained "women with drums!"  I hope you enjoy these items but feel free to visit other pages on my website and contact me if you have any questions.   ~ Lori Sweet 

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Mini Art Shop

I keep a small number of reproductions in stock but can order more so please inquire if you have a request.  Originals, of course, are one of a kind and are looking for their forever home.  


Thank you for your Patronage! 

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