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Original Art: Autumn Sale

The items in this gallery are original works of art by Lori Sweet.   In an effort to clear out some space in her studio, Lori is offering some significant discounts on select artwork she has in inventory.   These prices are for the works "as is."  No special requests or alterations will be taken at these prices. 


This is NOT a shopping cart page. If you would like to purchase an item, just email, call, or message Lori.   717-756-0120  or use messenger on Facebook if you are a member on her art page or a friend on her private page. 


NOTE: Prices DO NOT include sales tax or shipping costs (if required.)  A full quote can be given prior to purchase.  Instructions for payment will be given at the confirmation of sale.   THANK YOU!  

Click on the "load more" button to see all 23 items on sale. 
Click on the image to have it enlarged in another window.  
Watercolor Stain
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