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The Frame Drum and Systrum
~sacred instrument in the
Goddess Tradition of Ancient Egypt

3-Hour Immersion with Tahya
Saturday, June 10, 2023 1 - 4 PM

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This is a Systrum

The Seven Hathors playing frame drum and systrum on the walls of Hathor Temple at Dendera

This is a Frame Drum

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DESCRIPTION:  Learn about the Ceremonial Systrum, an ancient Egyptian percussion instrument with metal cymbals that slide on transverse bars creating a shimmering jingle when shaken, a predecessor to the tambourine.  This hand-held percussion instrument, primarily played by women, was used in Ancient Egypt as a sacred implement in ceremonial ritual, especially associated with the Goddess Hathor, and often utilized in combination with the frame drum in festive community processions.


Join us in June and discover the Systrum's relevance in Ancient Egypt and how it can be used as a sacred instrument today. Together we will re-imagine the scenes depicted in bas reliefs on the ancient temple walls.

LOCATION:  Red Lion Hotel, 4751 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, Pa  (Ample and Free parking. If you are coming from out of town, check with the hotel asap as they only had 15 rooms left for that night but accommodations are available at this time.)

YOUR INVESTMENT:  $75.00 EARLY BIRD thru May 15th  -- Full Fee $85.00 after May 15th



Contact Local Organizer and Hostess, Laurel (aka Lori Sweet) at PH: 717-756-0120  or 



Tahya presents an introduction to the Ceremonial Systrum™ aka sistrum, and the ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor, Her musician-priestesses, and powerful queens ~ women whose names have been forgotten and no longer spoken, but who, through this presentation, we now remember ~ women whose Divine Feminine essence, beauty, and grace can inspire us today.


Included in this 3-hour immersion:

  • LEARN about the hand-held percussion instrument known as the systrum/sistrum (and its relationship to and use with the Mediterranean frame drum.)

  • WITNESS A PowerPoint presentation of women from ancient Egyptian culture

  • MOVE your body in circular patterns celebrating the Divine Feminine Essence

  • PLAY a simple rhythm pattern and chant associated with the Temple at Dendera.

  • PARTICIPATE in a co-creative experience reenacting processions of the sacred timekeepers.

Bring your systrum* and/or frame drum (some frame drums will be available to borrow or purchase at the event) and anything you need for your comfort!

*PURCHASE YOUR OWN Ceremonial Systrum™  Tahya has researched and designed an exquisite modern-day version of the Systrum with the integrity of the ancient style and purpose. She will hand deliver your Systrum at the event. 

When you register before May 15th you will  receive a15% discount AND you save on shipping and handling, too!  You pay only $76.50. That is a savings of $25! 

After May 15th, if stock remains, you still will save on the shipping ($10.80 savings) but the Systrum will be at regular price for $90.00 to order. 


(Note: Current stock is low.  New stock isn't due to be filled until August.  Don't delay; order today if you are interested.)


TAHYA'S BIO  (Pronounced Ta-hay-ya)

Tahya will be traveling here from out of town to offer this special program for us!  Tahya is a dancer, drummer, and independent researcher.  She is an award-winning artist with over 40 years of experience researching, studying, teaching and performing the movements and rhythms of the ancient dance of the Goddess, traditionally handed down from one generation to the next, grandmother to granddaughter. 


After her travels to Egypt in 2007 she was called and inspired to design, manufacture and revive interest in the systrum, the instrument and ritual implement of Egyptian goddesses buried by the sands of time for nearly two millenia.


Tahya also has studied in depth with Glen Velez, founding father of the modern frame drum movement, and Layne Redmond, frame drum expert, mythologist, and author of When The Drummers were Women.

Read more:

REGISTRATION:   You can pay on this page (or the Pay Now button on the home page) by adding the exact amount of your option selected (below) and pay by Credit Card or Paypal.  (If you have any problems please contact Laurel/Lori directly.)   


YOU ALSO MUST email or call Laurel/Lori with your name, address, phone number, email, and indicate if you are pre-purchasing a Systrum (see below.) Your space will not be held until both payment and personal contact information are received.  


You will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge your finalized registration with further details.

Please note: Early Bird cost is $75.00 until May 15th, then it will be $85.00 until June 7th when registration ends. There are no refunds or exchanges after May 15th.  Also, we need 15 women registered for this workshop to happen so if you are planning to come, please let us know prior to May 15th and take advantage of the discounts. 


1. REGISTER FOR EVENT ONLY  $77.25 (Includes Registration & Service Fee)
2. REGISTER for EVENT & PURCHASE SYSTRUM: $156.00 (includes Registration, Systrum, & Service fee.)


AFTER MAY 15th: 

1. REGISTER FOR EVENT ONLY  $87.50 (Includes Registration & Service Fee)

2. REGISTER for EVENT & PURCHASE SYSTRUM $180.00 (includes Registration, Systrum, & Service Fee.) 

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