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 Creative Wellness - 1:1 and Workshops



Creative Expression for wellness is a unique and natural stress-reducing method that uses visual imagery to dialogue with concerns, worries, dis-ease, and stress in the body from a visual and energetic perspective. It facilitates communication with your heart-centered guidance in a self-reflective way - enabling you to better partner with your body in times of stress and for health maintenance. Visual art is a great tool for problem solving, self-inquiry, and developing communication skills and other life skills.


Making art in this way is not about being talented, gifted, or artistic.  This is about using art as a tool to access the world within you - and all that is required is "willingness."  When you get quiet, get intentional, and access your authentic voice you gain the opportunity to apply your insights and inner wisdom to your life for greater balance, productivity, and well-being.  


GROUP WORKSHOPS and courses can be designed for

  • specific populations that share a common interest/need, 

  • for corporate settings to promote team-building or problem solving, or

  • for private groups of close friends or family looking for a unique way to spend time together.


Lets book a date!   You organize the group and collect fees and I will take care of preparation, provide you with a flier, and supply the materials and the content.  Location can be provided by you, in your home or workplace, for example, or a rental space can be negotiated in fees.  


A basic fee for teaching and administrative work based on the program structure is calculated along with costs for any customization, special requests, travel expense, special supplies, framing, or rental costs.


Some general public classes are offered throughout the year.  

Contact me for a consultation and free price quote.  717-756-0120

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