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HeARTful Gatherings



YOUR OWN HeARTful Experience:    Lori can help you to create a relaxing and unique experience where your guests are guided into a mindful and relaxing space to create their own work of HeARTful Art and discover their own inner artist and wisdom.   These experiences are customized and require a consultation.  Initial consultations are free. Call to learn more!  717-756-0120   To view some workshop ideas click here.


MEET THE ARTIST Encounter:   Lori will come to your home or location and bring some of her current art to share in an intimate and personalized way. She will discuss in detail one of her paintings or works of art and the process, symbols, and personal meaning as she experiences them. Participants get to interact with the work on a personal and deeper level and discuss questions such as "How does art communicate?  How does art function as a form of visual energy medicine?  How does art heal?  Or any question the group finds compelling. 


HeARTful gatherings are opportunities to create a casual "get together" with friends, co-workers, or family for sharing in heart-felt and creative ways.  Pre-existing group seeking a unique experience? Give me a call. 

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