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Create4Wellness : A Signature Service

Research suggests that the use of art as a wellness modality stimulates the relaxation response, which in turn, assists assist in many positive outcomes that include reducing anxiety and stress, boosting the immune system, reducing pain, and easing depression.  


Visual art,  paired with music, can influence moods and perceptions and help you to develop healthy living and coping skills.  In addition, it is a great tool for problem solving, self-inquiry, and developing communication skills and other life skills.


Using art for wellness is not focused on the product or on artistic ability. Too many of us have come to believe we are not artistic or creative and this has cut us off from a vital part of being human - the act of mark-making and sound making.  


Some may pursue art as a profession but EVERYONE can make art from the heart!  Creating heart-centered art is about getting out of our own way, bypassing our analytical mind, overriding our negative self-talk, and accessing our authentic selves. 


The energy and attention that is unique to making art allows for deep personal exploration and the meditative aspect can reduce resistance and filters that may inhibit us otherwise.  Journaling with art and writing is a safe container that can hold the great complexity of who we are and allow for a greater expansiveness in which well-being, growth, and self-discovery can take place.


Being creative enlivens and inspires us.  Tapping into our creative energy is a great well-spring of wisdom.  Images, like words, have power and carry energy. YOU are a creative being!!  Your creative gifts might come in the form of making paintings but it might also come in growing gardens, decorating homes, building relationships, making wonderful meals, making healing music, or dancing for the joy of dancing!  When we shift our self-care perspective to one that INCLUDES our creative, intuitive, and symbolic/imagistic gifts we can find a rich resource of information that is evolving within us...always present...connected to the Source, and waiting to be expressed to help us along our path!    



Professional Settings 

Creating art as a vehicle for exploration gets people in touch with an open, fun, and playful state of mind where learning is accelerated. The arts can assist with teambuilding, developing skills, setting goals and more and can make organizations more productive when staff is healthy and engaged. 


                                         Adults and Special Needs

The Visual Arts (all arts) offer adults a wide range of benefits! Art can help us to connect, communicate, relax, de-stress, re-energize, cope with change, problem solve, celebrate, play/laugh, appreciate, pray, and develop healthier living skills.  Art can set the stage for personal and spiritual exploration and healing.  Programs may address groups with special needs such as those dealing with grief, illness, or recovery.  


                      Children and Teens

Art is fun and engaging. Children respond to it naturally.  Art facilitates the development of social, emotional, and communication skills while accelerating learning in all areas of life. It is a key to success.  Art teaches about human nature and culture, and endears us to the natural world. Art promotes analytical and cricital thinking along with self-discipline, persistence, and patience.  Art also builds resourcefulness and trust in ones own intuition, reason, and ability to create in the world.  In addition, the act of creating art produces dopamine in the brain that is necessary to learning, listening, and memory.



Making  art of all kinds can help EVERYONE to


  • connect 

  • communicate

  • relax

  • de-stress

  • re-energize

  • cope with change

  • problem solve

  • celebrate

  • play

  • appreciate

  • pray

  • grow

  • develop social, emotional, and communcation skills

  • accelerate learning in all areas of life

  • promote analytical and critical thinking

  • develop self-discipline, persistence, patience

  • build resourcefulness and intuitive trust

  • utilize reason and the ability to act in the world.

  • produce dopamine in the brain, necessary for learning, listening, & memory

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