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A Personalized Work of Art

for you.

This is your story.

My art often tells a story.   Patrons respond with stories.  It is my joy to hear these sacred connections made through portals of imagery.   


Commissions are a great experience for acknowledging special occasions, life's milestones, times of transition or healing, and for creating sacred spaces in your heart, home, and office.  Having a personalized "one-of-a-kind" work of art that is inspired by your own intentions, story, and life is something that will continue to reveal itself to you and inform you for many years to come.

PLAN AHEAD!! Limited number of Commissions accepted each year!

The commission process starts with a FREE Discovery Session and then a Personal Interview where we commit to a plan. As the artist, I will do everything I can to make this easy, enjoyable and meaningful.  I love creating something another person's soul is seeking.  I will work with you to create a unique work of art.  There are various options to choose from to make the experience "just for you" and we go over all of that in the Discovery Session, which is free!  So contact me and let's take a journey together!  

Frequently asked questions:


I am interested in commissioning a piece of art.  Where do I begin? 

Read this page.  Send me an email ( or call (717-756-0120) to set up a Discovery Session where we will talk on the phone or ZOOM so we can ask questions to determine if your desire and my artistic style is a good fit.   The initial inquiry and Discovery Session is totally free.  No hard sell.  I can answer any questions and let you know if I am able to accommodate your request or not.  At that time, we can determine the next step. 


Should we decide to move forward, the next steps include meeting in person for a deeper dive interview about your vision for your work of art and the energy you want it to invoke/evoke.  Together we begin to weave the fabric of story, prayer, and intention that will be the foundation of the artwork. 

What mediums do you work in for Commissions?

Primarily, I offer acrylic paintings on canvas in my commission work.  I also have created design work for Oracle decks, sculptures,  prayer shrines, prayer beads, Intuitive Healing Collage, mixed media, pastel, and Touch Drawing work on commission.  (See Intuitive Sacred Image Collage Cards section for a personalized mini commission.)

How long does it take to make the commissioned work? 

The time will vary depending on the size, medium, complexity of the piece, what package you choose, and my work schedule.  Time frames are better determined at the time a commission is requested because I will have a better idea of the specifics involved and my current schedule.  In general, 2-3 months. 


When commissioning an artwork, how much say do I have in the design/concept?  

You can come with some ideas and suggest colors, elements, words, and symbols. ​We can discuss certain ways of personalizing the piece/process for you and even include your hand to the canvas. 

While I will take your initial suggestions into account for preliminary sketches, and get feedback from you during check-ins, my artistic style is such that I do not create portraits or realistic reproductions of images.  I also will not paint other copyrighted work.

I have learned to "trust the art." This means I may be taken in various directions and the images themselves (or spiritual helpers) may guide part of the process which is always fresh and unique.  I use an intuitive and intentional process and it often results in more meaningful connections than we can see initially.  I ask my patrons to trust where the process guides us, and in my experience to date, it always is deeper and more relevant than we mentally can plan ahead of time. 

NOTE: It is important you familiarize yourself with my work and style and know that you resonate with it. 

If you want a very specific reproduction of an image, person, scene, or item you should seek another artist.

If you are interested in a more intuitive, dynamic, unfolding, meditative, stylized, symbolic, mystical, and transforming experience then call me!!


Do you paint for people outside the Harrisburg, PA area? 

Of course!  I can travel for commissions or arrange alternate communication via phone or Skype.  Direct travel (beyond 20 miles from my home) or shipping expenses are paid by the patron.

How much will it cost? 

There is a Simple Commission, a General Commission Package and an Immersion Package.  Prices vary. 


In comparison to my gallery portfolio, a commissioned artwork offers options for deepening and personalizing your art.  There is a great deal of time invested beyond the painting process.  It can be very intimate.  This means commissions are more expensive than the same sized canvas/item generally for sale from my studio.


Prices also are based on various personal choices/options such as type of canvas, size of work, medium, if you would like a Reveal Party, and any additional factors.  A full, written price quote will be given after an initial free consultation and before you need to commit or pay anything.  

(Examples: A larger commissioned acrylic painting with Immersion Package and professional framing could be upwards $2500 while a 16x20 Mounted Touch Drawing alone, unframed can be $450.)


Artist Notes and Certificates:  All commissions are signed by the artist, come with one page of artist notes summarized, and both a sale receipt and certificate of authenticity. 

A Documentary Photo Book:   All works of art come with one page of artist notes that reflect insights of the artist during the making of the artwork.  If you would like to have a deluxe personalized photo book (15-20 color pages) created showcasing the making of your work of art, this option can be selected.  


An Unveiling Ceremony This is a wonderful addition to any commission experience.  Invite your friends and/or family to attend your unveiling ceremony.  I will be on site while you put on a little wine and cheese or tea and biscuits reception. I will talk about the artwork and the process and you will see the final work unveiled along with your guests.   Celebrate and discuss the work with those closest to you.  


Frames: In general, patrons will be responsible for framing the art after completion. If the patron wishes the artist to include framing or assist with framing, terms can be worked into the agreement.  


Shipping costs.  Shipping or delivering artwork is not included in the price quotes and must be determined on a case by case basis.

Rights to the artwork image: I, the artist, retain the rights to the image for reproduction.  You will be given a certificate of authenticity and license to care for and show the original work of art.  Original works of art cannot be altered or reproduced without permission or license in writing from the artist.  If you wish to have the rights of the image and do not want it to be reproduced we can discuss the additional fee and agreement. 

Let's create together! 

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