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Creative Wellness:

Art as Bridge-builder ~ Art as Healer ~ Art as Community




Art can be used to reduce stress, be self-aware,  empower, problem-solve, team-build, communicate, and heal.  Art can be used to build bridges of hope, compassion, and understanding between all beings and states of being and as a pathway for growth, and success for individuals and communities. 


My students, of all ages,  who use art for creative journaling and self-exploration,  soon discover we all have a creative self and an inner imagistic vocabulary.  This inner wisdom can be accessed by anyone.   Skill level is not of issue.  A willingness to engage in and to be vulnerable in the process is all that is required.  I have come to trust the art itself more than any "knowledge " or "skill level."  

Experiencing and inspiring the creative spirit in all of us!  

Inspiring the creative spirit in all of us.

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