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Interested in learning more about my artwork?  Join me in my private group on Facebook.   

Gallery should indicated if originals are available or sold and if Giclee prints are available but if you have questions please inquire.   It is difficult to put all options here.    If you have questions, would like to see more images of a particular piece, view a work in person if you are local, or would like to make a purchase and need a full quote with price/tax/shipping, contact me on the contact page, at, 717-756-0120, or on messenger on my Facebook art page.  

I often have original works not posted here that you might see on Facebook first.  Feel free to reach out at any time if something interests you that you don't see here.  Also, take a look at my commission page if you are interested in having a personal painting created just for you! 

 Click an Image to Enlarge it.   

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