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Interested in learning more about my artwork?  Join me in my private group on Facebook.   Thanks for visiting! 

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As a one-woman-business, it is challenging to keep up with both creating art, managing the online tech, and taking care of patrons (and a second brick and mortar business I run.)  In an attempt to simplify my website, I have decided to show my works of art in one gallery space.  I am not interested in organizing them by year or theme, just sharing what I create and hopefully something here will inspire you!   GALLERY IS A WORK IN PROGRESS:  I hope to add my artist notes and detail to each image but that is a work in progress so in the meantime, if you have questions about any of the images, please contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions and tell you more.   


These are ORIGINAL works of art that I have created.  I will indicate here if a work is available or sold.  In almost all cases, I have Professional Giclée Reproductions on Fine Art Archival Papers or Canvas available on hand or a capacity to custom order a reproduction of an image for a patron. 

Anyone interested in licensing an image can contact me directly. 

If you have questions, would like to see more images of a particular piece, view a work in person if you are local, or would like to make a purchase and need a full quote with price/tax/shipping, contact me on the contact page, at, 717-756-0120, or on messenger on my Facebook art page. 


I often have original works not posted here that you might see on Facebook first.  Feel free to reach out at any time if something interests you that you don't see here.  

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