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Prayer Beads / Mindfulness Beads

The use of prayer beads is a universal practice found around the globe and in association with every faith in some form.  I create both traditional and contemporary style prayer beads.  It is my way of honoring the practice of inner work through prayer that can transform our lives.  The beads reflect something that unites us in our common search for love and peace.   

There is a joy in working with the various types of beads made from many materials and colors that make our hands simply want to reach out and touch them, hold them, and value them. 




This gallery shows my archive of beads. 

 Do You have a group interested

 in Prayer Beads around the World?  


I offer a power point presentation to groups interested on the use of prayer beads around the world and create discussion/or experiential activity on the current uses both traditional and contemporary.   Please inquire if interested. 

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