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Prayer Beads

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I have found the embodied act of praying the beads to be a good way for focusing prayer and intentions and being both grounded in the world and open to Spirit.   Traditional and Contemporary prayers and practices fascinate me.  

The use of prayer beads is known around the world and in almost every religious practice.  I will be adding more details and information so visit again soon.  

Interested in Prayer Beads Around the World?   I offer a power point presentation (2 different length options one with only presentation and one with more interaction) about the use of beads to interested groups.  Inquire. 


Traditional 5-Decade Rosary: Black beads and cross. Pater beads are in rose design. Centerpiece is dove/Holy Spirit.  $55.00


Contemporary Single strand Chakra Bead set.  7 beads in each chakra color.  Leaf charm on one end, and triple pendant design on the other. $38.00 

prayer beads

Traditional 5-Decade Rosary: Earthy colored beads with river stone Pater beads. Dove pendant.

Prayer Bead

Traditional 5-Decade Rosary: Glistening crystal beads with green Pater beads.  Mater Dolorosa centerpiece with silver cross from New Mexico.  $50.00 


Anglican Prayer Beads (contemporary) 33 glass beads, 4 quarters, with sacred geometry flower of life pendant.


Traditional Chaplet: Rosary: Red Coral Beads with silver center piece of Our Lady and Lady of Guadalupe Pendant. $28.00

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