Giclée Reproductions are professionally scanned and printed on archival papers or canvas.  Currently, Lori personally inspects all prints and each print is hand signed by the artist and wrapped for protection.   


Please inquire if you have an interest in a reproduction.  Lori will let you know what she has available as framed or unframed prints or can discuss the item and size you are interested in and can usually have one ready for you within 8-10 business days (sometimes sooner.)  If you have any questions at all please contact Lori.  No high pressure sales.  Just here to assist.

lorisweetstudios@gmail.com  717-756-0120 

 Enjoy the Gallery below.
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Sisters of Fate
Crows in Pines (2 paintings)
Easter Blessings/Blessings of Isis
Earth Wisdom
Hands of Prayer
Loving Embrace
Evening Rapture
Green Madonna
Arms of Love
R-07 The Meditator/Pearls of Wisdom
R-22 Earth Keepers
R-12 Sacred Embrace
R-02 African Dreams (Hearts)
R-13 Sanctuary
The Meditator
Deer Medicine
Lady of the Living Waters
The Heart of Community
R-21 Rain Maker (Healing Rains)
Living Waters
Spring Emerging
Guadalupe Prayers
Unbridled Courage
Love Abides Here
Our Lady of Justice
R-01 Lady of Inner Sight
R-03 Sacred Oak
R-04 Hands of Love
R-05 Our Lady of Prayer
R-06 Illumination
R-08 Kwan Yin
R-09 Lady of Guadalupe 1
R-10 Our Lady of Sorrows
R-11The Black Madonna
R-14 Madonna 1
R-15 She Who Hears the Cries of the World