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Reflexology Services


FREE 15 Minute Discovery Session for new clients is a time to ask questions, see if working together is a good fit, and plan for your session.  Although I have listed a few types of sessions separately, in many cases, I work in an intuitive and customized way that allows us to draw on various techniques as needed. 


Please call/email me with questions, to set up your Free Discovery session, or to book a session. 

ALL SESSIONS are done fully clothed except for removing shoes and socks. Wear something comfortable that allows for easy access to the lower legs up to the knee.  Services listed below are standard offerings but customized client sessions can be created. 



NEW CLIENTS FOR REFLEXOLOGY:  Required 120 minute Initial Session.  While reflexology can provide a nice and relaxing "foot rub," I know it can be so much more.  To that end, I take my role seriously and require that new clients complete appropriate paperwork, look at needs, history, feet, and goals as we make a care plan.  Foot measure and shoe assessment included. Initial sessions include a full 60 min. reflexology session. $140


Basic Sweet Relief Reflexology:  90 minute appointment with a full 60 minutes of traditional ARCB Certified Ingham-method foot reflexology and some time to rest afterwards for deep restorative relaxation of the mind and body and stimulation of all reflex points on the feet.  Lights are low/music is soft, recline on a massage table (Portable Reflexology Chair may be requested), and fall asleep if you wish!   Just relax and enjoy the benefits.  90 minute appointment  $90

Subtle-body Reflexology: ​ This session incorporates gentle touch energy techniques for linking traditional reflex points that allows the body to tap into its innate healing system to allow the body to guide and to heal through relaxation on structural, cellular, and energetic levels. Relaxation and thumb-walking techniques are incorporated.  Focus may be on a particular physical or emotional issue or on balancing of the endocrine, neurological/spinal, or chakra system. Client is guided through breathing exercises during the session, although from experience, a client may also sleep and still find benefit.  A massage table is used.  OPTION: Combine Subtle Full Body Session and Reflexology. 
90 minute appointment $90  120 minute appointment $125

Advanced Reflexology Services: Lori is trained in the following advanced options and can explore these options after new clients initial assessments to best meet your needs.  Head2Toe - Sweet Surrender, Structural Reflexology,​Thai Reflexology, Reflexology for Hip/Knee/Ankle Support, Reflexology for Chronic Foot Pain Session, ​Respiratory and Immune Systems Reflexology.

HOME VISITS Do you know someone who is homebound but could benefit from Reflexology? 

Contact me to inquire. Limited sessions available. $150 for 90 minute session.  



Subtle Body Work 

Subtle- Full Body Energy Session:Client- focused Energy Medicine Session intuitively utilizing a variety of techniques. (Therapeutic/Healing Touch, Guided Imagery, Sound, Reiki, Spinal Reflexology, Yin Linking, breathwork, and more.)

These sessions do not include reflexology  90 minute appointment $90

Meditate at the beach

Inner Fitness Coaching

Inner Fitness Coaching is a supportive service that offers additional care for you to get fit from the inside out: master self-care strategies, develop mindfulness skills, get tips, and be empowered to maintain greater resiliency and wellbeing.


Sessions are customized and based on your needs and interests.  May include goal planning, Balance Point Process Method, identifying areas of stress, tension in the body, transforming negative though patterns, guided imagery work, healing art methods, learning breathing techniques, and more. 



Your inner fitness is as important as your outer fitness and the two are intricately connected to maintain overall health.  In a regular gym, you may have a trainer who makes you do physical exercises, shows you how to use machines properly, coaches you on health, and challenges your beliefs about yourself. The same methodology applies for Inner Fitness training for building inner peace muscles!   

Like a fitness trainer in a gym, a relaxation trainer offers direction and encouragement as you learn about restorative relaxation, coping skills, and mind/body mastery. Like a fitness trainer, a coach can't "do it for you" but can hold you accountable and build your confidence as you make progress.


Practicing coping skills in a relaxed way prepares you for healthier performance in daily life when distress requires you to call upon your new strategies successfully. 

                         Online ZOOM Sessions

In Person Ses

60 minutes $80    90 minutes $120


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