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The Self Blessing Ceremony

Changing the World One Blessing at a Time 

Photo: Lori in Taiwan, preparing for Self Blessing Experience

Where sacred healing, prayer, ritual, and intention meet.

Where the personal, collective, and universal unite. 

Upcoming book launch and public art Installation: 

The Body Sacred:  A Chakra Immersion Through Art, Sound, & Self Blessing 

My Story 

I will be sharing more here soon. For now, I want to tell you that The Self Blessing is something I have shared and adapted with a variety of groups over the years and each time the experience warms my heart and deepens.  The inspiration to share the process in a little "how-to" pamphlet was planted many years ago.  I never acted on it.  During Covid Shut Down I was boldly reminded of my task to write the book.   


One day I was cleaning off a bookshelf (lots of cleaning got done during Covid) and I was pondering how best to use my time.  Suddenly, a book literally fell off a higher shelf and hit me on the head.  It was a book on "writing" and I had created a mock cover years ago that held the title "The Self Blessing."  I took that as some divine direction to take the idea serious once again. 


Now, however, The Self-Blessing has become much more than a pamphlet.  It has become an integrating force and container for so much of what I have learned and experienced.  It embodies all I value.  I can see how a book will allow it to grow and expand as each person takes it and shares it, in unique and new ways, while continuing to hold the seeds of its original intention.  

Work in Progress. 

Holding Books
The Book 
Buy it.  Gift It.  Share it.

Self Blessing

The Cards
The Blessing Pods
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