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Sacred Art Cards: 

 an intimate commission: 
visual energy medicine for the heart and soul

Untitled Collage Card.jpg


Loving Herself Collage Card_edited.jpg


Tied To Nature Collage Card.jpg


Remembering the Ancestors Collage Card.jpg


These mini-commissioned, Intuitive Sacred Art Cards are created for anyone who would like to have a personalized intuitive work of sacred art from Lori.   They can be used to sit on your home altar or sacred space, given as a gift, used for meditation, as a portal to your own heart/spirit, to invoke/evoke spirit helpers, or to lay on your body to deepen healing intentions.

These 3x4 or 4x4 inch images are Visual Energy Medicine as Lori connects with you on an energetic level after a 15 min Discovery Session (email, zoom, or phone) to hear your story and desire.  Lori then creates a personal prayer/intention for you and taps into her own intuitive process and spiritual guidance to create YOUR unique Sacred Art Card.  Lori will include "artist notes" of any guidance revealed for you during the making of the art, such as words, messages, or impressions.  


Intensions and prayers are embedded in the art and the Sacred Image is created in a mixed media format that may contain original artwork, collage, dimensional materials, fabric arts, beadwork, and more.  No two are ever alike.  You may choose to send something you would like incorporated as well. 

       A small display stand is included. And a little surprise extra gift! 

$125.00 + $5 shipping/packaging in the USA 
Lori only takes so many commission orders at a time.
Contact her via contact page/email to inquire and order. 

NOTE:  Lori can handle arrangements for custom framing (in a deep frame format)
of Sacred Image Cards to display on a wall.  Additional cost of framing is $40  Shipping/Packaging/Handling is $12
if shipped in USA. 

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