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"All art, created with the intention to help and to heal; to inspire and to transform

is medicine to the mind, body, and spirit"   ~ Lori Sweet

The Art of Spirit and Matter



The Art of Spirit and Matter is about using art (in its many forms) as a bridge or portal between the worlds - between spirit (divine energy) and matter (divine form). It is about balancing or bringing into union the seen and unseen elements of our lived experiences. 


Through art we can explore the inner and outer landscapes of our lives, open to deeper understanding and self-discovery, and find guidance in, perhaps, unexpected places.   Art can restore, inform, and heal us. 

Art is a portal into a sacred process - a storytelling process - a relational process - a spiritual process that transports us to greater personal and universal truths.  Creating and viewing art is an embodied experience that helps us to "make meaning" and to enter in the spaciousness of our hearts and souls.   Through art we can be guided by the mystical, the magical, and the mythical. 

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