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Creating Sacred Spaces 


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Hello, there! 


Somewhere along the line the term "Wellness Artist" appeared to me and I have come to realize it is a fair descriptive title for me. (I once had a job title "Weaver of Wonder" and I liked that one, too!)

I love offering a variety of services and opportunities in creative ways to promote health and well-being, self-awareness, personal growth, spiritual formation, and creative expression.


I  have a variety of methods (because I like variety), but no matter if I am making art, doing reflexology, or teaching a class my goal always centers around creating safe spaces and sacred experiences to remind us of how beautiful, wise, powerful, resilient, creative, and magical we really are!  My Wellness Model is based on Embodiment, Empowerment, and Embracement. (More on that later.)


We all have innate healing abilities, intuitive wisdom, spiritual gifts, practical talents, and a divine spark all wrapped up in these sacred temples we call bodies. These bodies are intimately connected to our Mother Earth and to all things Divine.   Sometimes we need kindred spirits to journey with for a while along the path and a safe sanctuary to hear our own heart-songs.  I know that is what I long for.  I look forward to meeting you. 

                                                                                            ~ Lori Sweet 


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A patron defined:  a person honored
as a special guardian, protector,
or supporter of something
sacred and/or of value.

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Subtle Body Work

Inner Fitness Coaching 


The Art of Spirit and Matter

Paintings and Sculpture

Capoeira Music Instruments

Health Rhythms
Intro to Frame Drumming
Power of Sound & Silence
The Art of Sound

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The Book

The Ceremony
The Blessing Seed Pods

Out Shopping

Fine Art 

Sacred Image Cards


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